Georges Visat

Illustraties Baltazar

Paris, Editions Biren, 1980

Ex. 24/60

Full leather laced-in boards with bord à bord leather pastedowns.

Self dyed together with black perforated cowleather?

1 mm inlays of self dyed cowleather “OXY”.

Title and points tooled in silver, line and circles in blue colorfoil.

Bord à bord finished pastedowns in black perforated cowleather, flyleaves in Duvallpaper.

Book put on meeting-guards, double two colors silk endbands.

Kept in a clamshell box finished in cloth.


Ivor Gurney

Illustrator: Nicolas Parry

Name of Publisher: The Tern Press, Nicolas Mary Parry

Shropshire, UK, 2008

Copy: 27/30

Binding with Spine in orange goatleather and exposed sewing on black fishleather straps.
The boards are covered with coloured cowleather, the sides alltough with yellow goatskin.
The dark green leather overcovers the spine partial to form the open joints.
The titel is handtooled in red on the dark green leater straps on the two boards.
The name of the autor is tooled on the front board in aluminium.
The book is sewed on meeting - guards to become a flat open book while reading.

Demensions: 29,7 x 22,7 x 2,5

Year of Completition: 2019 by Julia

Guilding: Jan Camps


20 Poëmes of war

SET book.

Book put on meeting – guards, bradelbinding with a 1mm joint fully in red Duvallpaper.

On both boards inlays of “mirrorpaper".

On this paper and on the boards onlays of the words “OPEN SET".

Sides of the in – and onlays in different colors acrylic paint.

Title and writer's name tooled on the back in Oesser colorfoil.

Clamshell box in cloth.

Binder: Jan


David Esselmont's Inside the book

Reste la Terre.

Alfred Roland.

Illustrations de Rita Aldrovandi.

André de Rache, éditeur. 1982

Book put on meeting – guards.

Non – adhesive binding with a wooden back.

Boards with turned – in front edges in blue Oasis goat leather.

Title and name of the writer tooled in silver on the turned in edges.

In the front board a collage in mixed technics, on the back board vertical lines blind tooled.

Inside of the boards finished in brown suede, fly leaves in blue Japanese paper.

Clamshell box in recordleinen.

binder: Jan

Reste la Terre.

Charles Charras

Illustraties: Robert Blanchet

Ex. HC

20cm x 20cm

binder: Julia

Bradelbinding with a 1mm joint, back in Oasis goat leather.

The boards bordeaux boxcalf and veneer, where a leaf of chalkpaper is loosely shoved in.

Tooling with green Oesserfoil.

Paper headband, book put on meeting – guards.

The original paper jacket placed at the end of the book without being cut, to preserve the etching.

Titling on the back Jan Camps.

Print on chalk paper Geert Stevens.

Box Annelies Ploemen, paper used photographic Loek de la Haye.


Feuille à Feuille

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