Poem by Michel Butor.

Etchings by Michel Roncerel.

Manière Noire Editeur, copy 33/50.

2008, Paris.

Signed by Michel Roncerel.

20,3 cm x 14,8 cm.

The book was sewn on meeting-guards.

Full leather binding in 2 colours of Maroquin du Cap.

Bord à bord in the same 2 colours of Maroquin du Cap.

Heightened paper inlays on both boards.

Flat inlay of the same paper in the bord à bord.

Title on the back in grey Oesser foil.

Name of the poet and the illustrator in red Oesser foil on both boards.

Kept in a box designed by Annelies Ploemen, covered with a digital grafic by Loek de la Haye.


Lucien Malson, Francis Marmande, Jean Pérol, Jean Echenoz, Joëlle Léandre, Jean Ramallo, André Velter, Yves Buin, Danielle Bello, André Hodeir.

Gravures de Alain Bar

Editions Ex – Libris Albertville, 1985.

Copy 91/99.

51,2 cm x 35,8 cm.

Portrait du jazz en mère – grand.

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Jan & Julia.

bindings of our own collection

Water Lane

Katharine Middleton

Frontispiece by Mary Norman

The Mandeville Press


Limited edition on 240 copies

22,5 cm x 15,5 cm

One-section put on a meeting guard and built to a Bradelbinding with a 1-mm joint.

Finished in petrolblue Hahnemühle paper.

A collage of paper “ton sur ton” is used as an onlay on the outside and inside of the boards. The paper is coloured with airbrush.

Tooled multicolore foil connects the different layers of paper.

Title verticaly gilded on the front board.

The book is kept in a paper box.

The paper is designed and the box is made by Annelies Ploemen.

Water Lane

“Het Daghet in den Oosten, en twee andere balladen.”

Introduction by Dr. M. Deruelle.

Woodcuts by V. Stuyvaert.

Edited by “Het Willems – Fonds.” Gent, May MCMXXXVI.


19,6 cm. x 14,3 cm.

Full leather binding in black Boxcalf.

Before covering the glossy leather was partly matt sanded on rough wood to create a scale of colours grey.

The leather was further decorated (combination of painting, tooling and sanding) within the two rectangles on both boards.

The 4 corners of the rectangle on the front board have self decorated paper inlays.

Title on both boards and back in red Oesser foil.

Double headbands in 2 colours silk.

Doublures in black suède, flyleaves in red Duvall paper.

“j.j.camps” in red Oesser foil on the left lower end of the doublure of the back board.

Kept in a pliable box of black board.

Het daghet in den oosten

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