Zaterdag 29 OF 30 augutus 2015.

De titel dekt de lading want de deelnemer hoeft enkel te (be)kijken, te noteren, te filmen, te fotograferen, kortom al mijn “tips and tricks" te absorberen die ik gedurende deze dag geef om de “Spiegels en vliegende schutbladen" van boekbanden af te werken.

Hoe plaats ik een doorlopend gekleurd schutblad en welke zijn mijn 3 manieren om dit op het witte schutblad te bevestigen?

Hoe plaats ik een lederen scharnier en hoe naai ik een linnen exemplaar aan het boekblok?

Hoe wordt een “carte" gemaakt en geplaatst?

Hoe bereid ik een bord à bord voor en hoe plaats ik deze?

Welke zijn de verschillen bij het plaatsen van scharnieren in boxcalf en in geitenleder?

Hoe restaureer ik een breuk in het binnenscharnier?

Ik werk op verschillende boekbanden, waar nodig op een plaquette.

Vanzelfsprekend is er tijd en ruimte om vragen te stellen – en te beantwoorden! - en bespreek ik voorbeelden van bekende en minder

bekende collega's uit de collectie van J. & J.

De Engramkijkdagen vinden plaats in ons nieuw atelier:

Prijs: €95,00/pp lunch en koffie/thee inbegrepen.

Handboekbinderij – Restauratieatelier J.-J. Camps,

Statiestraat 40, Diest.

2015 Engramkijkdagen:  Spiegels en vliegende schutbladen.

Basic tooling; working with gouges and pallets.

6 Saturdays from 14h00 till 18h00.
October 10, 17, 24 and November 7, 14, 21.

Putting that tooling is a difficult discipline is as much as stating the obvious.
This, together with the considerable cost of the tools, are for many binder “the" 2 most important reasons to leave their binding “unfinished".

Therefore we worked out a program where you learn how to work gouges and pallets.
We choose these because they form the base of the tooling discipline and form an affordable part of a tooling collection.

With a maximum of 4 students we learn blind tooling, how to make carbon and “soot"prints with gouges and pallets. During the exercises we provide you with our tips & tricks.
Plaques and practice blocks covered with sheep, calf and goat leather are at the students disposal.

Each student also has the disposal of a set of gouges and pallets.
No foreknowledge required.

Price (incl. materials and V.A.T.)


The Engram Saturdays take place in our workshop;
Handboekbinderij – Restauratieatelier J.-J. Camps, Begijnhof Diest.

2015 The Engram Saturdays

Engramdays 2014

Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 Juli 2014

This method of bookbinding decoration was displaced by goldtooling in the 15th century.
During the next centuries goldtooling was brought more and more to perfection, cut leatherwork on the contrary fall into disuse.
The technique revived on the end of the 19th century but only till after WWI.
Cut leatherwork has been and still is the favourite decoration method in the saddle making.

We present the participants of our “Engramdays Cut Leatherwork” the basic techniques, details as “raising leather”, how to dey the leather, construction of the boards, paring the leather.

We work on samples of thick cowleather and pared cowleather.
With this leather we cover one of the constructed boards.
Tips and tricks to use this technique in contemporary bookbindings.

Location Begijnhof Diest, where we start at 9 AM and work till 5 PM.

€210 Leather, deys, use of specific tools and lunch included.
Maximum participants 8.

2014 Cut leatherwork, gedreven leder, cuir ciselé, lederschnitt

Engramduodays 2014

Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 March 2014

Much emphasis in book collecting has been put on the protective box. Books require a box both for protection and shelf presence.
A clamshell box with raised bands and a leather spine is therefore a perfect solution.

On Saturday Annelies Ploemen shows the student how to measure the book, how to cut and sand the different parts of the box, how to glew the parts and finish them, how to mark up the false bands and bevel off the excess.

On Sunday Jan Camps takes over the course and teaches where to paste parts of leather, how to bevel these parts and how to nip up the false bands and how to work down the leather in the compartments.
Next we finish the two “boxes” with marbled paper and the inside with suède.

During the drying times we demonstrate different ways to finish the leather.

Location Begijnhof Diest, where we start at 9 AM and work till 5 PM.

Price: €247 Leather, marbled paper, suède, board and lunch included. Maximum participants 8.

Annelies Ploemen

2014 Clamshell box with ( false bands an a leather spine.

Statiestraat 40 B-3290 DIEST - 0032 478 11 22 04 -