Restoration of a headband core

In 2015 a client entrusted us with his Blaue – atlas that was to be restored. It concerned a parchment “thong laced in – binding” with turned fore edges and also, besides the thongs, the cores of the headbands were laced through the binding itself. The cores were broken on their points of pivot but kept some of the original embroidery. Conserving these thogether with lengthening the headband core was our goal.

Because we couldn't find any description of a similar restoration in our library or on the internet we made test models before working on the originals.

Read and have a look at the review in the pdf.

This review was first published in "Bookbinder", the Journal of the Society of Bookbinders Issue 31, 2017. Publication on our website with permission of the SoB. SoB

Translation Ayla Van Eechaute.

Restoration of a headband core

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