Kohar Armenian Songbook

More than once, the KOHAR Symphony Orchestra & Choir was the subject of conversation during the lessons.

We talked about the upcoming production to celebrate the jubilee of 100 years of Armenian genocide.
A commemorative album and CD would be released for this jubilee.

During our last stay in Beirut we asked Nayiri Daghlian if we could have a copy of the KOHAR Armenian Songbook.
We wanted to design & create a contemporary fine binding for it, to show our gratitude for the hospitality we received every time we were invited to Beirut.
(Oh, well, “Beirut by night" is no stranger to us, and it was all but unpleasant!).

Our request wasn't a problem at all, we received copy 1/1000 to work on.

PDF attached in Dutch/English

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Kohar Armenian Songbook

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