1983: Graduated in human sciences at the Royal Athenaeum in Diest.

1985-1987: apprenticeship in bookbinding with Edgard Claes in Diest.

1985-1990: Studied bookbinding wth Françoise Bausart at the RIKA ( Institute for Arts and Crafts) in Mechelen, Belgium.

1988: Establishing his own studio ‘Handboekbinderij – Restauratieatelier Jan Camps’.

1996: Workshop restoration of parchment at the Buchbinder-colleg in Stuttgart, Germany.

1999-2008: Teaching artbinding and bookrestoration at the Academy of Fine Arts SAPK in Genk, Belgium.

2000-2003: Working member and master at the MDE – Meister der Einband (Master in Bookbinding) Germany.

2016: MDE Tagung, Lederschnitt, Marburg, Germany.

2017: Presentation: relation between bookbinder and bibliophile, UFSIA, Antwerp.


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