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Creating a Fine Binding

"Les Phénomènes de la nature" par Jean Tardieu, lithographie sur papier de Chine par Jean Cortot.

Adrien Maeght éditeur, Paris 1988. 150 exemplaires, ex. sans numéro ou signatures.

Oblong 11,8 x 23cm.

Leporello put on meeting-guards, full cowleather binding, inlays and onlays, bord à bord in blue Buffalo, fly leaves in orange suède, tooling in different colours Oesserfoil.


Do not wait for special moments in 2020,

but make ordinary moments special!

Jan & Julia

20 Poëmes of War by Ivor Gurney

Oxy-Génération by Georges Visat

Best wishes 2020!

For the “OPEN-SET 2020" -Exhibition of the American Academy of Bookbinding 100 bindings were chosen, our books are included!

We competed both in the OPEN category.

The 100 bindings will be exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Salt Lake City & Austin.


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