A selection of poems on the theme of water.

Incline Press for Designer Bookbinders, Oldham, 2008.

Oplage 500 exemplaren.

€1.000,00/Artbinding & clamshell box.

Bound by Jan Camps:

Full Leather binding in hand-stained calf.

Meeting-guards in blue and white.

The airbrushed leather is partly depolished.

On the two boards an inlay of the same calf with blind tooling.

The inlay is partly depolished and varnished.

Title and corners of the inlay tooled in foil.

Green calf doublures and green suede flyleaves.

Bound by Julia Van Mechelen:

Non-Adhesive binding sewn on 4 thongs of Karung watersnake skin.

Blue and white meeting-guards partly visible on the spine between 2 thongs.

Dark grey calfskin spine.

Boards covered with blue Karung watersnak skin.

Verticale decoration on boards of pieces of calf coloured in blue tones.

The same decoration in miniature is holding the thongs on the boards.

Dark Grey calfskin doublures.

White foil titling.

Water in the picture

Oeuvres libres.

Trilogie érotique et filles.

Paul Verlaine.

Lithographies originales de Jacques Pecnard.

Exemplaire 226/285.

Paris, 1973.


Lord Kidrostock, Stays and gloves.

Figure-training and Deportment by Means of the Discipline of Tight Corsets, Narrow High-Heeled Boots, Clinging Kid Gloves, Combinations, etc., etc.

Ten Magnificent Full-Page Copperplate Engravings by DEL GIGLIO.

London and Paris MCMIX.

Limited issue. Three hundred and thirty copies only have been struck off, for private circulation.


2 – Eros.

Pieter Boddaert Junior.

Illustratie van Daniëlle Vandenwyngaerden, kopergravure I/X + proefdruk.

Gedrukt op 160 exemplaren, 10 exemplaren I/X, EA + 1/150

Dit is I/X EA.


Musée secret.

Théophile Gautier, introduction Jean Servien.

10 volbladgravures door MYA, pseudoniem voor Henri Le Riche.

Exemplaire 429/1002.

Paris 1932.


Zittende naakte man.

Houtskool op velinpapier.




Bindings are on display after 2 PM

Nude and Sensuality in our window in august

A little bit Vincent van Gogh in Diest.

Each month we put another book/binding in the picture (for sale) in the window of our studio.

In July it is “Les Avantures de Télémaque, fils d'Ulysse par Fr. De Salignac de la Mothe Féneleon".

This book dated 1761, contains, beside the frontispice and the portrait of Fénelon, 24 full page etchings, each page is framed by an etching and there are 21 culs – de – lampe.

The back and corners are covered with cowleather, the boards with silk.

Just aside the silk, the leather has a blind tooled decorated roll fillet.

The back and the 4 ribbons are gilded “Style Cathédrale", marbled edges.

At the bottom of the back of the book “Carbentus à La Haye" is gilded.

Willem Carbentus (1792 – 1845), was the younger brother of the artist painter Hermanus Carbentus (1788 – 1854), and was bookbinder for King Willem I and for Baron van Westreenen van Thielandt.

Willem Carbentus married Anna Cornelia van der Gaag (1792 – 1855) on October 4th 1815. Their daughter Anna (1819 – 1907) married Theodorus van Gogh.

Their first born was Vincent Willem Van Gogh (30 maart 1853 – 29 juli 1890) the famous art painter.

The department “Kostbare Werken" of the “Koninklijke Bibliotheek" in The Hague preserve several fine bindings executed by Willem Carbentus.

A little bit Vincent van Gogh in Diest.

“Trees are poems written on clouds by our earth"

Loek de la Haye

This exhibition, best described as “Photographics", is the black & white interpretation of trees by Loek de la Haye, an artistic multi disciplined artist.

Guitarist, photographer, digital graphic artist, bookbinder and box builder.

From the last one we complete the exhibition with some of his designed boxes wherein we keep our fine bindings.

“Where Art Meets Craft"

Handboekbinderij – Restauratieatelier J. – J. Camps, Statiestraat 40, Diest.

June 3 & 4 from 2 pm till 6 pm.

Sunday June 5 from 10 am till 6 pm.

On Sundayafternoon Loek de la Haye guides you through the exhibition.

More on Loek de la Haye

Exhibition Photographics

Albert Droesbeke,

Painter, woodcutter, graphic artist, poet.

°Schaarbeek 7/10/1896 - + Brussel 2/12/1929.

From his youth on he takes drawing lessons, when he is 16 years old he starts to follow sculpture lessons in the Art Academy in Brussels.

By the start of WWI he studies at Constant Montald.

Moves to French Catalonia in 1927.

In 1928 he designs the 6 woodcuts for “Het oog op den heuvel" by Theo Bogaerts.

Albert Droesbeke designs several portfolios with lino – woodcuts.

Dies due to hart failure.

A client asked us to design and create for him a full leather “clamshell box" for the portfolio “Album de geographie", 7 woodcuts by Droesbeke with the titles au pays des negres, la Chine, New – York, Paris, La Havane, La Russie, Far – West.

We worked with natural cowleather which we dyed ourselves.

The three small boards are covered with yellow and green Oasis goatleather.

The inside of the box is finished with grey Dainel.

The titles of the 7 woodcuts are tooled in aluminum.

The design on the box consist of inlaid characters with the sides dyed in different colors matching these of the illustrations. This technique results in a subtil play of colors.

A temperate interpretation of the original design on the cover of the portfolio is tooled in black carbon on the cover of the “clamshel box".

63 cm x 42 cm.

Full leather "clamshell box".

Statiestraat 40 B-3290 DIEST - 0032 478 11 22 04 - info@boekbinderij-camps.be