Adriaen Brouwer, J.K.Huysmans.

First translations in Dutch, Guy Van Gorp.

illustrations Theo Melens.

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Romance, is this months item.

Poetry, Graphics about romance.

Refereynenbundel van Jan Van Stijevoorde, Les Amours de Frêne & Galeran, 2 Eros, L'Idylle Venitienne, Vaucluse, Roland Ergo: In uw schaduw.

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Illustrés par Kees Van Dongen.

Editions de la Sirène.

7, rue Pasquier,



Exemplaire 54/300.

The text block put on meeting – guards.

In these meeting – guards we put strips of paper of the same colour as the illustrations in the book.

The original paper cover mounted in front of the text block without being cut or folded.

The text block was not cut, only the meeting – guards were.

Bound on 5 cords, double woven headbands in 4 colours silk.

Full natural cowleather binding, bord à bord in the same leather.

The leather was dyed uneven with penetrating leather dye. The uneven effect refers to the technics used in the illustrations.

On each board, outside as well inside, 4 lines were tooled in black carbon.

On the outside of both boards a paper collage is layed in deeper, the visible sides of the leather are coloured with acrylic dye.

On the outside of both boards an onlay composition of 9 strips of leather.

The curves of these leather onlays refer to the curves of the illustrations in the book.

The sides of the leather onlays are coloured with acrylic dye.

“Contes de Kipling" tooled in silver and “Kees Van Dongen" tooled in black carbon in between the vertical lines on the front board.

“Les plus beaux" tooled in silver and “Illustrés par" tooled in black carbon in between the vertical lines on the back board.

The tooling on both boards is linked over the back and towards the foredge with tiny points and squares tooled in black carbon.

Coloured flyleaves in grey suède.

The binding is signed Jan & Julia Camps on the inside of the back board.

Clamshell box in grey cloth, on the back the title tooled in silver.

Les plus beaux contes de Kipling.

"Travel" is this months item.

For sale are 19th century travel books & maps, the stories of Jules Verne, description of Rome and much more.

This months item

Stroll through 2016 in light and good health!

Jan & Julia.


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