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This months item

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Jan & Julia.



Impressions of Leuven and the Dijle bound in a Leporello.

The book can be glanced through as any other book, but it can also be unfold to become a “photopromenade" of almost 9 metres.

The citymap was presented in cardboard in “!water!" what caused extra difficulties when pressing the book and making the joints.

The leather title piece is beveled in the same angle as the cardboard.


In this book “we" portray epoch-making craftsmen in Flanders, their personalities, careers and their biographies.

Who are they, what do they do, what and why are they doing it?

Where is the origin of their passion and mastership?

Where lie the roots of their craft and what do they do to ensure the tradition?

Our portraits can be found on pages 48 – 51: Virtuoso!

“We" are tapis plein, ETWIE, Het Firmament, FARO, Circuscentrum, Provincie West – Vlaanderen, erfgoedcel Brussel.

With the support of the Vlaamse Overheid and under the patronage of the Vlaamse UNESCO Commissie.

Edition of Uitgeverij Snoeck, Gent – Kortrijk.

ISBN: 978 – 94 – 6161 – 208 – 3

Virtuoso! Portraits of passion and craftsmanship in Flanders.

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