Portrait du jazz en mère – grand.

Lucien Malson, Francis Marmande, Jean Pérol, Jean Echenoz, Joëlle Léandre, Jean Ramallo, André Velter, Yves Buin, Danielle Bello, André Hodeir.

Gravures de Alain Bar.

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Binding in the picture

For the fourth time in a row, we were invited by Mr. Michel Wittock for the Biennale Ephémère 2014.

The Ephémère 2014 will be held in the exhibition rooms of the Biblioteca wittockiana Sunday September 28th from 10.00 to 1.30.

20 Belgian binders, or binders who studied in Belgium, present their fine bindings finished during the passed 2 years.

Each time one foreign binder is invited, for this edition Carlos Sanchez Alamo will be attending the Biennale.

We present 6 of our latest bindings.

​Ephémère 2014.

Water Lane

Katharine Middleton

Frontispiece by Mary Norman

The Mandeville Press


One-section put on a meeting guard and built to a Bradelbinding with a 1-mm joint.

Finished in petrolblue Hahnemühle paper.

A collage of paper “ton sur ton” is used as an onlay on the outside and inside of the boards. The paper is coloured with airbrush.

Tooled multicolore foil connects the different layers of paper.

Water Lane

Binding in the picture

As mentioned in the column “About us”, teaching bookbinding on a location worldwide is one of the services we provide.

We had the pleasure providing this service from May 5th untill May 15th in Beirut.

Mr. Katchadourian invited us to help with the start of the “KOHAR Artisan Bookbindery” a part of the “KOHAR – Library”.

Three bookbinders will be binding, preserve and restore the important collection of books about Armenian history and Armenian music.

Cased and laced bindings, cleaning leather, restoration of board corners and joints, the bases of paperrestoration and tooling, it was all brought up during a very intens 10 days workshop.

Are you interested, as a group, school or as an individual to organise a tailormade workshop with skills we provide, we’ll come to you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more details or if you want us to work out a programm for you.

Kohar Library, Beirut, Lebanon

Bookbinding in our studio or on location worldwide.

Basic tooling; working with gouges and pallets.

6 Saturdays from 14h00 till 18h00.
October 11, 18, 25 and November 8, 15, 22.

Putting that tooling is a difficult discipline is as much as stating the obvious. This, together with the considerable cost of the tools, are for many binder “the” 2 most important reasons to leave their binding “unfinished”.

Therefore we worked out a program where you learn how to work gouges and pallets.


New: the Engram Saturdays

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