Looking for that missing book in your collection or just looking for that one precious gift?

Here you find our offer of limited editions in or without its fine binding, carefully restored bindings and, bindings with copies of classical designs.

Expo Formaat s/XL
Under this title, Ingela Dierick, Geert Stevens, and Jan Camps imposed on themselves the restriction of creating either super small or oversized bookbindings, while giving themselves free rein in terms of techniques and material choices.
Wat Heeft
Brother and sister, poet and grafic designer
Abrégé des vies des principaux fondateurs des réligions de l’église, representez dans la chour de l’abbaie de S. Lambert de Liessies en Haynaut
Binding based on the work of the “Fugger binder” or “Venetian Apple Binder” active in Venice between 1540 and 1560.
ER Weiss
Biography of Emil Rudolf Weiss
Poèmes by Arthur Rimbaud
Presented in Librairie Blaizot in Paris in 2018 for the “Prix Alain Taral”
Paroissien Romain
Paroissien Romain with ivory boards and silver fitting.
Orphée à Eurydice
Orphée à Eurydice, illustrations by Alain Bar.
Presented at “inDRUKwekkend” in 2018 in Diest and Plombières.
Receuil de Prières
Boards and back in mother of pearl
La Promeneuse du Quai
La Promeneuse du Quai, author: Michel Butor with 3 gravures "original" from Michel Roncerel
De amphitheatro liber, Saturnalium sermonum libri duo
Study by Justus Lipsius about Roman Gladiators and Amphitheaters
Pauvre Pierrot, Poémes et Images
Pauvre Pierrot, Poémes et Images
't Begijnhof in 't kort
A short discription about the beguinage of Diest illustrated with 4 drypoint etching by Danielle Vandenwyngaerden.
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