Jan and Julia Camps

After 27 years our studio in the Begijnhof in Diest was bursting out of its seams, so we moved it to a restored house, dating 1890, which is located in the Statiestraat. This is a lively neighbourhood situated between the trainstation and the citycentre and is a favorite route in and out of the city for students and commuters. Changing the tranquility and peace of the Begijnhof to the new location was a bit of a challenge for us, but today we and our studio are well adapted in the Statiestraat 40!

Julia Van Mechelen

Born in Arendonk in 1960 I started working in the studio in 1995.
Inspiring each other and day - in - day - out working as a team, has earned us the trust of the customer globally.

Jan Camps

Born in 1964 I started the studio in 1988.
Studying and executing classic designs for fine bindings as well as creating new techniques for conservation and contemporary bindings is one of the goals in our studio. This way of working allows us to give the best possible solution for each book/binding.
Sharing this knowledge with our clients worldwide is just one of our services.
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