Handboekbinderij J.J. Camps

Bindery & Restoration

Where art meets Craft!

Since 1988 Handboekbinderij - Restauratieatelier J.-J. Camps specialises in binding and rebinding, repairing, restoring and conservating books, paper, leather and parchment. We deliver these services on manuscripts, private press books, everyday printing works for musea, archives as well for private clients. Beside these activities we run a antiquarian bookshop where we present our fine bindings, restored bindings and copies of classic designs.

Expo Formaat s/XL
Under this title, Ingela Dierick, Geert Stevens, and Jan Camps imposed on themselves the restriction of creating either super small or oversized bookbindings, while giving themselves free rein in terms of techniques and material choices.
Wat Heeft
Brother and sister, poet and grafic designer
Abrégé des vies des principaux fondateurs des réligions de l’église, representez dans la chour de l’abbaie de S. Lambert de Liessies en Haynaut
Binding based on the work of the “Fugger binder” or “Venetian Apple Binder” active in Venice between 1540 and 1560.
Headcap with core and or Coiffe Lyonnaise
A headcap, a cap with core, a turned back headcap and a Coiffe Lyonnaise.
Restoration of headbands
When executing a restoration we try to preserve as much as possible of the original headbands.
Pierced vellum binding
We worked on the book “Beschouwende en werkdadige Hovenier – Konst of Inleiding tot de waare oeffening der Planten” van Johann Hermann Knoop, uitgegeven “Te Leeuwarden, gedrukt by Abraham Ferwerda, 1753”.
Livre d'Heures by Master Boucicaut.
Master Boucicaut is the name given to the miniaturist who created the "Livre d'heure of Sir Boucicaut" and who worked in Paris between 1405-1430.
Clamshell box
Clamshell box with a round spine, ribbons, self-dyed cowleather
Catalogue of 50 creations
"Oneindige mogelijkheden van begrenzing" an overview of 50 of our creations as we presented them in 2013.
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