Here you can find different sorts of work that left our bench.

Livre d'Heures by Master Boucicaut.
Master Boucicaut is the name given to the miniaturist who created the "Livre d'heure of Sir Boucicaut" and who worked in Paris between 1405-1430.
Clamshell box
Clamshell box with a round spine, ribbons, self-dyed cowleather
Catalogue of 50 creations
"Oneindige mogelijkheden van begrenzing" an overview of 50 of our creations as we presented them in 2013.
Ora di noi
15 poems by Franco Passoni illustrated by Michel Seuphor.
Paper restoration
Paper deacidification and cleaning, infilling of losses, bleaching.
restoration of a leather binding
We clean and hydrate the leather, restore broken joints, put new leather underneath the original back and we fill in blanks.
David Esselmont's Inside The Book
OpenSet American Academy of Bookbinding.
Restoration of a binding in parchment
A skin can become either leather or parchment, the last one is one of the most difficult materials to work with as binder and/or restorer.
Portrait du jazz en mère - grand
Text by Lucien Malson, Francis Marmande, Jean Pérol, Jean Echenoz, Joëlle Léandre, Jean Ramallo, André Velter, Yves Buin, Danielle Bello, André Hodeir, etchings by Alain Bar.
Leather inlay on antique furniture
Leather inlay on antique furniture with gold and blind tooling.
Contemporary or temporal design.
A New York au Fond
Full leather binding of inlay en onlay in Boxcalf and painted cow
American Academy of Bookbinding
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