With Engramzine we do not aim to present a digital and periodical journal, no, we just want to create a place to publish articles about bindings, binders etc.

The articles are published in Dutch, occasionally there is a translation in English.

You can find Engramzine also via the digitale platform of the Erfgoedbibliotheek Hendrik Conscience in Antwerp and the Belgisch Nederlands Boekbanden Genootschap

Headcap with core and or Coiffe Lyonnaise
A headcap, a cap with core, a turned back headcap and a Coiffe Lyonnaise.
Restoration of headbands
When executing a restoration we try to preserve as much as possible of the original headbands.
Pierced vellum binding
We worked on the book “Beschouwende en werkdadige Hovenier – Konst of Inleiding tot de waare oeffening der Planten” van Johann Hermann Knoop, uitgegeven “Te Leeuwarden, gedrukt by Abraham Ferwerda, 1753”.
Restoration of a headband with parchment core
Restoration of a headband with parchment core is translated by Ayla Van Eechaute.
Kohar Armenian songbook
KOHAR Symphony Orchestra & Choir
Restoration of a signed binding
Notre – Dame de Lourdes by Henri Lasserre.
Completion of a 15th century pin
The completion of this board closure was part of the restoration of this 15th century binding.
Book furniture and fastenings
This is not a technical manual but just a report of the creation.
Fugger binder
The “Fugger binder” or “Venetian Apple Binder” active in Venice between 1540 and 1560.
Industrial archeology, wooden standing press
The day I started as an apprentice in 1985, I started collecting old or antique bookbinding tools and machinery.
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