Renatus De Cock (also named René) was born in Mechelen (B) November 30th 1915 and died in the same city August 15th 1989.

Mechelen was “his" city, there he got married, founded a family, started his bookbindery and ran it for half a century.


Due to the lenght of the article, it is only available in Flemish, but hopefully the pictures give you an idea about Renatus De Cock.

Complete article (only available in Flemish) in PDF

Renatus De Cock, half a century of bookbinding in Mechelen.

Notre – Dame de Lourdes.

By Henri Lasserre.

A Paris chez Société Générale de Libraire Catholique.

Victor Palmé, éditeur des Bollandistes, Directeur Général.

25, rue de Grenelle – Saint – Germain, 1877.

Restoration plan in attached PDF.

Restoration of a signed industrial binding.

The restoration of this binding included the completion of the book fittings.

First step was to create new thorns on the front board. This way we completed the “receiving” or “passive” part of the book fitting.

completing the clasps on a late 15 th century binding

“Herbarius oft Cruydt-Boeck van Rembertus Dodonaeus”

Leyden, inde Plantijnsche Druckerije van Françoys van Ravelingen, 1608.

Met deze beschrijving beogen we geenszins een technische handleiding, maar geven we slechts het relaas van de totstandkoming van de stukken.
Het maken en aanbrengen van de stukken nam in totaal 18 uur in beslag.

boekbeslag en sluitingen

Binding based on the work of the 16th century “Fugger binder” or the “Venetian Apple Binder” kept in the Spanish Royal collection.

His name was given to him because he worked almost exclusively for the Augsburg banker Johann Jakob Fugger.

Johann Jakob Fugger was more interested in arts and literature than he was in taking care of his business.
This imbalance led to bankruptcy and in 1571 he had to sell his bookcollection to King Albrecht V of Bayern.

This collection forms today the base of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.


Abrégé des vies des principaux fondateurs des réligions de l’église, représentez dans le choeur de l’abbaie de S. Lambert de Liessies en Haynaut.
Anvers, Martin Nutius, 1634.
38 gravures de C. Et Th. Galle.


Bound on 5 cow leather supports, showing as raised bands on the spine.
Blind tooled and with a gold line.
Primary sewed headband.
Natural cow leather over paste boards.
In the middle of the back a blind tooled line.
The upper cover and half of the back coloured in red, the other half of the back and the lower cover dark blue.
Panel designs guilded and blind tooled, in the corners leaf tools guilded.
Leaf tools and circles guilded on the back.
Title on the upper cover.

fugger binder1

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